Why talk about expatriates to describe people moving from North to South and migrants for those who do the opposite?

This show, written in the form of an allegory, questions the great migratory travels, based firstly on the autobiographical story of Patrick Masset, artistic director of the T1J: his parents left Belgium, in the middle of the economic crisis after the Second World War, to to find a stable job in Canada.
And then, in the soundtrack, an Iraqi musician, oud player, testifies on behalf of these thousands of migrants who, today, risk their life on foot, or in the hold of a makeshift boat, to join the Schengen area.

A third “physical” narrative, the Sanddorn Balance, will materialise the purpose on the stage in order to question our vacillating democracies where Europe, like those cities destroyed in Syria or elsewhere, requires a new balance and new foundations, more human ones…

The Sanddorn Balance is considered by the international press as one of the most beautiful circus acts in the world. It was created in 1996 by the artist Mädir Eugster (Rigolo Swiss New Circus) and was adapted to our show. Moment of a fragile beauty that changes your perception of reality, revealing the delicate nature of the balance and evanescence of life. A disturbing symbol of the current situation of refugees facing the “Fortress Europe”.


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